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A future where packaging is an extension of nature.

Our ethos is deeply rooted in harmonizing packaging solutions with the natural world. We believe in a world where packaging is no longer seen as waste, but as a natural, regenerative part of the ecosystem, reflecting the beauty and sustainability of nature itself.
who we are

Purveyors of fiber-based packaging

Our specialization in fiber-based materials reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative design. Our products are crafted from renewable, biodegradable fibers, ensuring that every item we create not only protects its contents but also respects the planet.

Paper Straws

Our eco-friendly paper straws, made in the UAE, decompose within 60 days, aiding in plastic pollution reduction. They are naturally degradable, compostable, and meet safety standards including being BPA-free, food-safe, and FDA compliant.


Fiber Lids

Millions daily use lids for paper cups, vital for on-the-go beverage enjoyment. Cambrian is currently trialing fiber lids that stand out as a sustainable substitute for plastic. Made from renewable plant-based fibers without plastic coatings, they provide an eco-friendly option for consuming both hot and cold drinks.


Fiber Cutlery

We have crafted a versatile range of cutlery, including folded, pressed, and moulded fibre options, perfect for diverse uses from salads to fast food and ice cream, showcasing our commitment to practical, market-driven solutions.

Why we love packaging made from natural fiber?

At the core of our commitment is the belief that packaging should work in harmony with the environment, not against it. Unlike plastics and other synthetics, fiber-based packaging gracefully returns to the earth, reducing landfill waste and ocean pollution.

80% lower CO2 emissions compared to plastic
Low water and energy consumption
Suitable for high volume production

Founded in 2022

Our journey began by setting up UAE's first state-of-the-art paper straw manufacturing facility with the capability to produce over 100 million paper straws annually. we understand that change begins with a single step.

Our paper straws are just the beginning. We are continuously exploring and innovating to expand our range of sustainable packaging solutions.


Proudly made in U.A.E

Being "Made in UAE" is a badge of honor we wear with pride. It reflects our commitment to local economic growth, job creation, and adherence to high-quality manufacturing standards. By manufacturing locally, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint, support the local economy, and foster a community of like-minded individuals and organizations who share our passion for a sustainable future.


Deep focus on sustainability & innovation

We understand that the future of packaging lies in solutions that not only meet the needs of the present but also safeguard the health of our planet for generations to come. This understanding drives our every endeavor, leading us to constantly push the boundaries of what's possible in sustainable packaging.

who we serve

Whatever the size of your business, we are here to serve you.